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Steps to apply for 5G999 membership

We have created a way to apply for you. Just fill out the information for the application completely. which is very easy to use The procedure for filling out the application is as follows:

  • Name: is the name that corresponds to the account number used in the application.
  • Phone number for contact in case of deposit-withdrawal problems
  • Line id : used to contact in case of system problems
  • Bank : For linking the account to transfer money in and out
  • Account Name : Must match your bank
  • Account Number : Must match as well For accuracy, the system will automatically deposit-withdraw.

online baccarat

5G999 is open to play baccarat online SA Game | Sexy Baccarat | Asia Gaming. The system is highly stable, beautiful picture, no lag. Accurate face detection sensor system Beautiful dealers go live through the website for members to play together all over the country. Measure your skill and enjoy investing with easy profits today. Just apply for a new member automatically through the website, choose to receive a free bonus promotion, 100% credit immediately from the deposit amount.

Web baccarat, play with mobile phones, notebooks

Members can use their mobile phone to play through the web baccarat 5G999 without having to download the app into the device to waste time and waste phone space. We facilitate members to use one user to play on all devices, mobile phones, computers, play with multiple mobile devices. There is no need to transfer money when changing the type of betting game to be played. You can also deposit money via Mobile Banking and report the balance slip on the website. Update the game balance in 10 seconds. No need to switch to the LINE app. For withdrawals, press the withdrawal button via the website as well and wait for the money to be transferred to your account.

Playing this card game is not difficult. If anyone has ever played Pokdeng, they may understand faster. But it may confuse some rules. Because it will allow players to choose to bet on both sides, namely Banker, Banker (red) and Player, Player (Blue) , as well as betting styles to choose from more than bounce, such as tie tie, choose whether the banker or Player gets a pair of cards.

After you have registered and logged in to the 5G website, you need to follow this.

  1. Select Menu Live Casino (LIVE CASINO)
  2. Choose a live casino camp that you want to use.
    (In this example, we will play SA GAMING)
  3. Come in and let you choose the Baccarat menu.
  4. Then select the table you want to play. and select the betting room level which we will play in the lowest room is 5 – 3,000 baht per eye

How to play baccarat basics to get money

How to play baccarat to make money every day It’s not difficult and you can do it yourself by using techniques, formulas and tips that can increase your chances of winning more bets. A card game with a simple gameplay like other card games. Just predict which side will WIN in each round, the side with the highest score is 9 points or the closest. It is a game that allows you to win money quickly. Because each round has time to play only no more than 1 minute.

in that play Will choose to use a standard 52-card deck of 6-8 decks, depending on how much each table will use. According to the rules, the highest point is 9, the lowest point is 0, where 10-JQK is equal to 0 points, A is equal to 1 point, while the other cards have points according to the face of the card  by adding 2,3 card points obtained to the total. together and then take only the digits of the unit Let’s see which side is more. That side is the winner.

  • For example, counting 2 cards, for example K+9 = 9 points.
  • For example, counting 3 cards, for example A+3+10 = 4 points.

The meaning of the slots on the table to choose to bet on which side to bet on Baccarat

  1. Player – Player has more points than the dealer.
  2. Draw – Both sides have equal points.
  3. Lucky Six – Predict if the dealer wins with 6 points = pays 12 times for 2 cards and 20 times for three cards.
  4. Banker – Banker has more points than player.
  5. Player Pair – Player gets the same face of the first 2 cards.
  6. Poker Player – Player gets 8,9 points for the first two cards.
  7. Banker Pok – Banker gets 8,9 points for the first two cards.
  8. Banker Pair – Banker gets the same face of the first 2 cards.